Rahm Emanuel

Dear Friends,

Chicago has long been known as a center of innovation. The steel-framed skyscraper was born here, as was the zipper, the automatic dishwasher, and the Ferris Wheel. In 1942, the first-ever man-made nuclear reaction took place at the University of Chicago.

This inventiveness has powered Chicago’s growth from a town founded with a mere 350 residents in 1833 to a global city that 2.7 million people now call home.

Innovation continues to fuel Chicago’s ambitions. Leaders in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors are working together to build stronger companies and a smarter city, using big data, civic engagement, and technology start-up incubation. We’re using cutting-edge technology to accelerate Chicago’s economic growth and create jobs, while making the city more efficient and livable.

Technology has the potential to propel Chicago to a future where government is increasingly transparent and effective and business is thriving.

The City of Chicago Technology Plan lays out our comprehensive vision for a future shaped by groundbreaking technology. The strategies and initiatives outlined here provide a roadmap to drive Chicago to its aspirations of opportunity, inclusion, engagement, and innovation for all.

Rahm Emanuel
Mayor of Chicago