Growth Strategies

Efficient, Effective,
and Open Government

Leverage data and new technology to make government more efficient, effective, and open

The City of Chicago is working to become more efficient and effective across its departments by leveraging new technology, gathering, analyzing, and publishing data, and utilizing these tools and information to improve government processes and services. Data-driven decision-making is helping the City reduce costs and offer services better tailored to public need. Chicago is utilizing new technology, such as mobile and social media technology, to increase its connection to its residents and provide quality services in a complete and timely manner. Using data science to continually improve and streamline government processes is one way to emphasize and strengthen Chicago’s position as a leading global technology hub.

With essential infrastructure in place and residents who are digitally-connected and engaged, Chicago government is held accountable by its residents to provide efficient and effective services through the use of technology.

Civic Innovation

Work with civic technology innovators to develop creative solutions to city challenges

Civic innovation occurs when individuals work with government to improve the quality of life in urban areas. To encourage civic innovation, Chicago offers a range of tools and initiatives that give Chicagoans a stronger voice in government decisions and empowers them to develop creative solutions to city challenges. The City also harnesses the power of civic innovation to anticipate and identify residents’ concerns, allocate the best resources to address these concerns, and respond more effectively when problems arise. Chicago’s visionary civic leaders, robust entrepreneurial community, and world-class research universities are using technology to transform civic collaboration and reimagine the relationship between government and its residents.

Using data provided through an open, transparent government, the City is able to engage its residents in innovative ways available only to cities with this foundation of technology strength.

Sector Growth

Encourage the vibrancy of Chicago’s Technology Sector by attracting and retaining STEM professionals and supporting the creation and expansion of technology companies

Chicago is driving economic growth and job creation by encouraging the vibrancy of Chicago’s Technology Sector, especially in the areas of Web/Mobile, CleanTech, and Biosciences. With Chicago’s mature business sector and world-class universities as a starting point, the City is focusing on attracting and retaining talented STEM-trained professionals and technology firms to Chicago, encouraging existing companies to expand, and supporting the creation of start-up companies.

In support of these goals, the City is telling the story of Chicago’s technology strengths and successes to let the world know of the great opportunities that exist here for businesses and individuals alike. The City also works closely with local universities, research and development facilities, and venture capital firms to build on the impact those organizations are having on the success of Chicago’s Technology Sector.

Building on its foundational strategies that position Chicago as a technology-friendly city, the City is able to realize Technology Sector growth.