Chicago is not the only city striving to use technology to become more efficient and effective, or in a word…smarter. However, the progress we are making is putting Chicago at the forefront of the nation. Our accomplishments to-date on the Chicago Tech Plan highlight movement on all fronts – from government performance to education to job creation – across the city in each of our neighborhoods.

What is most exciting about this early progress is the broad ecosystem of partners that eagerly assumed responsibility for successfully implementing the City’s first-ever Tech Plan. This ecosystem is a unique group of individuals and organizations that believe technology will not only change the future of Chicago, but must be embraced to ensure that Chicago remains a national and global leader in all areas. This ecosystem includes civic volunteers that offer their technical skills and time to tackle community challenges; start-ups; non-profits; philanthropies; universities; and large corporations that bring their talents to bear through partnership with the City. New collaborations are forming that bring together partners who have never sat at the same table to focus on the development of cutting-edge research to address our toughest challenges. These exciting relationships are improving everyday life in Chicago through technology innovation.

The commitment of this ecosystem and the unique focus on achieving citywide innovation through technology is turning Chicago into a responsive city. A responsive city is a Chicago that uses technology to support the goals of all of its residents and business, whatever those goals may be today and however they may grow and change tomorrow.

In late 2013, we began the important work outlined in this plan and the Chicago tech ecosystem stepped up to deliver meaningful progress across all its strategies. We are off to great start meeting the goals of the Chicago Tech Plan. But, we still have more to do, which will continue to require the efforts of many. Together, we are making Chicago a truly responsive city, driven by technology, to meet the needs of our neighborhoods and exceed the expectations of the world. I look forward to continuing to work with you to see this plan through and make Chicago a national and global leader in technology innovation.


Brenna Berman
Chief Information Officer and Commissioner,
Department of Innovation & Technology